Nanchang vigorously promotes the construction of big data center and urban cloud platform

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On the afternoon of October 22, Mayor Liu Jianyang presided over the 17th executive meeting of the municipal government in 2019. The meeting discussed and studied the three-year action plan for big data development of Nanchang City (Draft for approval) and Implementation Opinions of General Office of Nanchang Municipal People's Government on accelerating innovation driven development at county level.

The meeting stressed that at present, the global big data technology and application are in the period of innovation and breakthrough, and the big data industry is facing important development opportunities. Departments at all levels should fully implement the strategic deployment of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on building a network power, digital China and smart society, implement the work concept of "resource integration, function integration, and power coordination", and promote big data center and Nanchang City Yunping around the city brain in accordance with the general requirements of "full coverage of online examination and approval, full access to information isolated islands, and full sharing of data resources" Taiwan construction, to build a unified support of big data, interconnection, intelligent application, industrial development, security and other systems, improve the overall development level of big data, and provide a strong driving force for the high-quality leapfrog development of Nanchang.

The meeting pointed out that accelerating County innovation driven development is of great significance for promoting the coordinated development of county economy and society and Rural Revitalization. Departments at all levels should give full play to the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation in the supply side structural reform of counties, introduce policies to attract talents, introduce platforms around industries, gather talents, achieve career retention, and cultivate talents with thick soil, so as to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation, build a multi-level and diversified County innovation development pattern, and promote county innovation driven development.

Other matters were also examined.

(source: website of Nanchang Municipal People's Government)