Ganzhou Financial Building

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[project name] Ganzhou bank financial building

[project address] the intersection of Changzheng Avenue and Ganjiangyuan Avenue, Zhangjiang New District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

[construction content] all contents covered in the bill of quantities and construction drawings of Ganzhou bank financial building project, including civil engineering, interior decoration, outdoor decoration, curtain wall engineering, water supply and drainage, power system (including lightning protection and grounding), fire protection system, ventilation engineering, etc.

[project category] construction engineering public building

[Project Award] Luban Award is the highest quality award of China's construction project; Rhododendron Award for high-quality construction project in Jiangxi Province; excellent building structure project in Jiangxi Province; safe and civilized construction site in Jiangxi Province; and new technology application demonstration project in Jiangxi Province.