Nanchang elderly activity center

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[project name] construction project of Nanchang elderly activity center

[project address] southwest corner of the intersection of Guoti Avenue (Sanqingshan Avenue) and Xizhan street, Nanchang city

[construction content] all contents within the scope of construction drawings, and the specific construction contents shall be subject to the bill of quantities (including but not limited to three supplies and one leveling, foundation pit support, building, structure, water supply and drainage, strong and weak electricity, HVAC, fire protection, building energy conservation, civil air defense, municipal pipe network, landscape, elevator and external power supply, tap water, gas, cable TV, network broadband and other supporting works Except for secondary decoration works.

[project category] construction engineering public building

[Project Award] Jiangxi construction safety production standardization demonstration site, Jiangxi building structure demonstration project, Jiangxi new technology demonstration project, Nanchang construction engineering safety civilization standardization demonstration site.