Since 2015, Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group has established Changnan training center, Jiangxi Baiya Construction Technology Service Co., Ltd., Jiangxi denang Education Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiary companies, which are engaged in vocational skill training related to construction, vocational skill education, training and appraisal matching with the industry of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, and business adapting to the economic and social development of Nanchang city Training, on the basis of training the group's talents, focuses on expanding the development prospects of professional personnel and boosting the transformation and development of market enterprises.


At present, the group has effectively carried out all kinds of construction skills training and appraisal business, has a complete set of mature and perfect hardware facilities and training system, and has set up 16 special types of work, including tower crane driver and installation and disassembly worker, construction elevator driver and installation and disassembly worker, material elevator driver and installation and disassembly worker, eight members including construction worker, quality controller, safety officer, masonry worker, and so on There are more than 50 technical types of work, such as plumber and steel bar worker, covering almost all skills learning and practical training in the construction industry. The subsidiary company Jiangxi Baiya Construction Engineering Technical Service Co., Ltd. has also been approved by Jiangxi Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development as a training unit for special construction operations.


In the next step, we will actively respond to the call of the central government to vigorously carry out vocational education. On the basis of building construction skills training, we will actively seek cooperation from social forces, build an industrial development platform, identify market demand points, and strive to do a good job in business vocational training and vocational skill training appraisal, in order to promote the adjustment of economic and industrial structure inside and outside the province, and to promote the construction of a harmonious society To provide more excellent professional and skilled talents.