• Talent concept
    Having ability and integrity

  • Have integrity and ability, identify with culture

    Human resource is the first resource for the healthy development of the construction of Changnan。
  • Our standard of employment is to have both ability and political integrity, and to put morality first. We provide every employee with a platform suitable for their development and give full play to their autonomy and creativity. We expect Changnan people to identify with Changnan culture and achieve ....
  • Full scope
    Make the most of your talent

  • Changnan construction takes talents as the power source of enterprise development, and we are thirsty for talents. We pay attention to learning and growing talents, cultivate technological innovation talents, and dare to break the rules。
    Constantly optimize the structure of human resources, put the right talents in the right positions, tailor-made training programs for excellent talents, and make the best use of them。