Construction Bureau and Urban Management Bureau of Pingxiang economic and Technological Development Zone carried out joint rectification action for entrance and exit of earthwork operation of Construction Engineering

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In order to promote the urban and rural environmental improvement work of the construction sites in the economic development zone, on July 17, the Construction Bureau of the district and the Urban Management Bureau of the district rectified the entrance and exit of the earthwork operation project, curbed the barbaric construction behavior of the earthwork operation, and eliminated the dirty and disordered phenomenon at the entrance and exit.

On the construction site, the first is to actively publicize and implement the six 100% specific regulations of building dust control, and strictly implement them according to the requirements. The second is to require the project to go through the approval procedures of earthwork haulage regularly, and construction is strictly prohibited at the entrance and exit without approval. The third is to strengthen the inspection and strengthen the crackdown on the barbaric construction. Those who do not comply with the construction dust control of 6 100% or the entrance and exit are transported without approval will be dealt with in accordance with the law and regulations.

In this action, a total of 32 earthwork entrances and exits were inspected, 6 non-conforming earthwork entrances and exits were sealed, and 5 suspension notices were issued. The follow-up construction bureau will supervise and urge the rectification and implementation of the project, repair the damaged roads, bare soil covering and washing equipment, and resume the construction only after the review is qualified, so as to ensure the effectiveness of urban and rural environmental management of construction projects in the economic development zone.

(source: Pingxiang Municipal People's Government Network)