All for "Xinyu blue" --Record of dust control in construction of Xinyu Bureau of housing and urban rural development

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General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the environment is the livelihood of the people, green hills are beautiful, and the blue sky is also happiness. We should protect the ecological environment as we protect our eyes, and treat the ecological environment as we treat life. " In May 2017, the bugle sounded, and an unprecedented battle of environmental pollution control began. Now, after three years, what is the progress and effect of dust control in the construction of our city? As a member of the battle of "blue sky defense", the relevant person in charge said with emotion that after three years of hard work, the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development has made great efforts to overcome the difficulties, Our city construction dust control work has realized "five transformations": the facilities have realized the transformation from scratch, the standard has realized the transformation from low to high, the means has realized the transformation from soft to hard, the way has realized the transformation from civil air defense to technical defense, and the effect has realized the transformation from chaos to governance.

Governance facilities: from scratch

Construction dust control facilities mainly include fog gun machine, sprinkler, washing platform, high pressure water gun, tower crane spray system or enclosure spray system. These "hard weapons" could not be seen on construction sites before environmental pollution prevention and control was carried out in 2017. Today, in Yuanhe hospital, Beihu Dijing, Xinyu No.5 Middle School, Gaoxin No.1 middle school, yuxinyuan in Yushui District, Yongkang Park in Fenyi County, Xinyu shijiahao garden and other sites, the author found that these "hard weapons" were complete, and the Beihu Dijing project was to meet the needs, Two large-scale professional sprinkler trucks were specially purchased for road watering and earthwork excavation wet operation; enclosure sprinkler system was added to Yuanhe hospital, Xinyu No.5 Middle School, Xiangshan Tingquan, Baishu foreign language Beihu school, Xinyu shijiahao garden, etc., and tower crane spray system was added in maternal and child health hospital and yuxinyuan, Yushui District.

Governance standards: from low to high

In the past three years, the standards for dust control at construction sites in our city have been continuously upgraded. Up to now, they can be roughly divided into three times: in the beginning of 2017, the standards were "five percent" and "eight haves", They are "100% enclosure of construction site, 100% coverage of exposed earthwork, 100% washing of vehicles in and out, 100% hardening of main construction roads, 100% wet excavation of earthwork" and "with scheme, fog gun machine, hardening, flushing platform and high-pressure water gun, covering, standard enclosure, responsibility board and slogan". After the second half of 2018, in the face of the increasing number of first-class response to polluted weather and the severe situation of tackling key problems, the bureau made a decisive decision, clearly put forward that the main construction roads should be hardened with concrete; the piled up earthwork and sand should be fully covered; the motorcycles out of the construction gate must be washed clean; the guard should be on duty; some large construction sites should be encouraged to purchase or rent professional sprinklers; It is forbidden to incinerate construction waste and burn fire for heating at the construction site. At the end of 2018, the standard of dust control was upgraded again, and the installation of remote video monitoring system for dust control was fully started. So far, the "eight haves" increased to "nine haves"; according to the level of "every day is the first level response to polluted weather", the frequency of watering and moisturizing was increased, and "8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 6:00 PM were the time slots for centralized dust control, At the same time, from the simple "moisturizing and dust reducing" to "both moisturizing and cleaning" dual control; no firecrackers can be set off at any time on the construction site; from this point on, no firecrackers will be set off during the construction site construction, capping and completion; the earthwork, sand and stone, construction waste has also increased from "100% coverage of long-term idle" to "covering with naked".

Governance means: from soft to hard

It is embodied in the following aspects: first, the gateway should be put in front and the prior control should be carried out. All new projects must be done before the construction of dust control measures, especially to ensure that "hard weapons" are complete, otherwise it is not allowed to start without authorization. Second, the dust control work should be included in the annual supervision plan of functional departments and inspection activities in quarterly and special periods, so as to achieve "the same deployment, inspection and assessment" with safety production. Third, the intensity of administrative punishment is increasing. In 2017, there were 14 penalties, totaling 290000 yuan; in 2018, 30 cases were punished, with a penalty amount of 1.36 million yuan, of which 1 case was subject to a ceiling punishment of 100000 yuan; since 2019, 24 administrative penalties (letters) have been implemented. Fourth, grid management is becoming more and more perfect. It has formed a three-level grid dust control system of "supervision of Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, supervision of functional departments, and responsibility of construction site". It has achieved "seamless docking, full coverage inspection, no dead corner monitoring", and effectively promoted the normal control of dust control. Fifthly, "shock therapy" was introduced at the right time. One is "local shock therapy", that is, during the period of "first level response to polluted weather" issued by the municipal blue sky action leading group, earthwork excavation and transportation work will be stopped at the construction site until the "first level response to polluted weather" is relieved; the other is "comprehensive shock therapy". In December 2017, the Bureau issued the most stringent "stop work order" on construction sites, and the construction sites in the whole city were shut down for 20 days. Sixth, standardized site demonstration and guidance. In 2017, the bureau held a dust control standard chemical site observation meeting, and created one standard chemical site; in 2018, it held two standard chemical site observation meetings, and created three standard chemical sites; in the first half of 2019, it has held two standardization observation meetings and created three standard chemical sites. At present, there are also municipal maternal and child health care hospital, Longquan Bay, Beihu Dijing, high tech No. 1 and medium-sized construction sites under construction.


Governance: from civil air defense to technical defense

From 2017 to October 2018, the main supervision methods of dust control in our city are "leaders' investigation and secret inspection, supervision department inspection, inspection and" 5 + 2 "strict prevention and control". After October 2018, the construction site of our city started the construction of "smart site", and actively promoted the use of remote video monitoring system for dust control in construction. By the end of September 2019, 41 remote video monitoring systems have been installed in the city, with the installation rate of 100%. Through their mobile phones or office computers, supervisors and site managers can monitor the dust control situation of each construction site anytime and anywhere, which is conducive to timely detection and disposal of dust control problems in the construction process, and greatly improves the work efficiency.

Governance effect: from chaos to governance

Over the past three years, our city has achieved a total of more than 250000 square meters of standardized enclosure with the main street height of 2.5 meters, the height of other streets of 1.8 meters, and 100% of public service advertisements; purchased 128 sets of wet operation facilities, including 111 fog cannon machines and 17 professional sprinkler trucks; the accumulated coverage of exposed earth, sand and stone, construction waste and idle land has reached more than 400000 square meters; The main construction road concrete hardening and construction access road hardening accumulated to more than 130000 square meters; 91 washing platforms were standardized, 7 automatic flushing engineering machines and 97 high-pressure water guns were constructed. The construction site of our city is covered with dust on sunny days and muddy feet on rainy days. Now, the appearance is completely new, more tidy, cleaner and more beautiful.

(source: Xinyu Municipal People's Government Network)