Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development promotes dust control at construction sites

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On August 4, Comrade Luo Baixi, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, accompanied by Mao zongshui, member of the Bureau's Party committee, relevant personnel of the municipal safety supervision station and the Municipal Quality Supervision Station, went deep into the construction site to supervise the dust control work under the scorching sun.

Guided by the problem, Luo Baixi and his party went straight to the relatively backward construction site of dust control, and successively inspected 5 construction sites directly under the municipal level and 2 construction sites in Lianxi district. At each construction site, he patiently inquired about the weak links in dust control of construction, construction and supervision unit project leaders, and pointed out the problems in dust control, safety production and civilized construction found in the process of supervision. For the serious problems, the rectification period should be limited immediately and the supervision should be carried out by listing. At the same time, it is required that the participants fully realize the importance of safety production during the high temperature period in summer, and strictly implement the preventive measures in safety production, food hygiene, heatstroke prevention and cooling.

(source: website of Jiujiang Municipal People's Government)