Yichun Bureau of housing and urban rural development implements the regular supervision and inspection system of dust management at construction sites

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At about 9:00 p.m. on July 17, under the supervision of the staff of the quality supervision station of our bureau, after unloading the bricks from a construction site, the truck slowly drove out of the construction site after being washed with high-pressure water spray from the automatic flushing platform at the gate of the construction site and the gate post passed the inspection. Then, the quality supervision station staff rushed to the next construction site for supervision.

The night patrol of the construction site is an epitome of the normalization of dust management at the construction site.

In order to effectively control air pollution and effectively protect the living environment, our Bureau launched a new round of night dust control inspection of construction sites. The time was set after 9:00 p.m., and went straight to the scene without saying hello in advance. If it is found that no dust control measures are taken in the construction at night, the construction shall be stopped completely as required and punished according to the dust control regulations. Focus on the Earth transport vehicles in and out of the site cleaning, relevant responsible units to carry out supervision and inspection. In the evening, 8 construction sites including basement of Yiyang building, block C of sunshine city and North District of smart town were inspected. It is generally in good condition without dust pollution.

Since this year, the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development has comprehensively implemented the requirements of the relevant documents on improving the environmental air quality in our city, carried out the special rectification of dust control on construction sites, introduced the measures of calculating the dust control measures and fees on construction sites, continued to implement the "green, yellow and red" supervision on construction sites, further strengthened the dust control responsibilities of all parties in construction projects, and targeted at weak links To strengthen the control measures, fully implement the "six 100%" requirements for dust control on construction sites, speed up the allocation of automatic car washing platform, fog gun machine, tower crane spray and other fog and dust removal facilities and equipment, implement the regular supervision of dust on construction sites, improve the dust control level of construction sites, and strive to fight the blue sky defense war.

(source: Yichun Municipal People's Government Network)