Sharpening your ax will not delay your job of cutting wood

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--Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group held pre job training and examination activities

In order to implement the spirit of the notice of the general office of Nanchang Municipal People's Government on printing and distributing the implementation plan of Nanchang Vocational skill improvement action (2019-2021) (hongfutufa [2019] No. 131), and improve the professional quality of employees, the group held a one-day pre job promotion of Nanchang construction industry in Jiangxi Baiya Construction Technology Service Co., Ltd. at 8:30 am on August 23 Training and examination activities. Wang Yufang and Wu Zhihua of Nanchang construction training school served as the main teachers of the training, and nearly 100 employees of the group participated in the training.6dbd27521f197ce7b42cc9b44a6886c.jpg

The training course involves enterprise culture, safety production knowledge, fire protection knowledge and AIDS prevention and control. The teaching method is the combination of theoretical explanation and case analysis. The whole training is full of pictures and texts, interactive and active, and the participants are attentive and enthusiastic. Especially in the teaching of safety production and fire protection knowledge, the teacher listed a large number of tragic incidents around us, so that employees can deeply understand the importance of safety work to the development of construction enterprises. While creating a first-class enterprise, we must always tighten the safety chord and continuously consolidate the foundation of safety development.031b6d1902c3b7935dce6e0422d8a18.jpg

At the end of the training, the teacher organized a field examination to verify the training effect of the day. The whole training was successful, and all the participants got full harvest and achieved the expected effect.