There are "cool" strategies to prevent heatstroke and reduce temperature

Release time:2020-08-10Number of visitors:3975

In the hot summer, the heat wave is rolling. Recently, the outdoor maximum temperature in Nanchang has continued to reach above 38 degrees, and some parts have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. It has entered the yellow warning stage of high temperature, which makes people extremely hot. In order to do a good job in summer heatstroke prevention and cooling work, ensure the health of employees and prevent heat stroke caused by high temperature weather, Changnan Construction Group carefully prepared a "cool bag" for each employee on the afternoon of August 10, which not only contains heatstroke prevention food mung bean, rock sugar, red dates, but also Huoxiang Zhengqi water, mosquito repellent, essential balm, cooling oil and other commonly used summer drugs.

It has become a kind of enterprise custom of Changnan construction group to distribute materials for preventing heatstroke and cooling to employees every summer. The scientific development concept of people-oriented is explained with practical actions. The sense of gain, happiness and security of employees are further improved, and the work enthusiasm of taking the company as home is further stimulated.