[special topic of the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake] one aid to China Construction Bank

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May 12, 2008


On May 10, the plateau was sunny and the snow covered Siguniang mountain was particularly beautiful under the blue sky and white clouds. Tibetan compatriots in hanniu township of Xiaojin county are singing and dancing, and they are looking forward to the arrival of guests from afar. At about 11:00 a.m., chairman Nie Shunjin's delegation arrived at the memorial to the victims of Jiangxi's "7.17" debris flow in zumu village, hanniu Township, mourning for the five comrades in arms and offering flower baskets.

At 11:30, the delegation arrived at hanniu Township People's government after a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the plateau, and was warmly welcomed by the local Tibetans. After inspecting the grassroots construction of Tibetan areas in hanniu Township, Nie Shunjin, chairman of the board of directors, donated 100000 yuan to zumu village of hanniu township. Zumu village presented the banner of "boundless love, great kindness, and Ode to poverty alleviation for thousands of years".

[memory of aid construction]

Ten years later, with the help of Jiangxi Province, Xiaojin has been reborn from the ashes. Ten years are long enough to smooth the cracks in the earth and build new cities; ten years are short, as if it were yesterday, and the pain is still fresh in my eyes

On May 12, 2008, the disaster suddenly fell. A magnitude 8.0 earthquake caused Xiaojin, the neighboring "epicenter" Yingxiu, to fall into a serious disaster. Some houses collapsed, roads and bridges were damaged, and communication was interrupted

Natural disaster is merciless, there is love in the world! Nie Shunjin, chairman of the company, resolutely decided to suspend business and personally led the construction team to assist in the construction of Sichuan disaster area. He always said, "an entrepreneur should not only make money, but also stand up and take social responsibility when the country needs to.". On June 8 of that year, the chairman personally led the construction team to Pengzhou, Sichuan Province, to help build prefabricated houses. In order to complete the task quickly and well, he took the lead and stationed at the front line day and night. Finally, it only took more than ten days to complete the urgent construction task of more than 1500 board houses in Pengzhou.

As soon as the construction of Pengzhou's board house was completed, Comrade Nie Shunjin led the construction team to Xiaojin county to help build two projects, namely, the "three hospitals and one center" (including welfare homes, glorious homes, homes for the aged and disaster relief materials reserve center, which has been renamed as "Xiaojin County Social Welfare Center and disaster relief materials reserve center") and "harmony square", of which the "three hospitals and one center" project is the counterpart assistance of Jiangxi Province One of the ten demonstration projects in Xiaojin county.

Xiaojin county is located in the eastern edge of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It is a typical mountain canyon landform, so it is very difficult to construct. Among the 18 counterpart aid provinces in China, Xiaojin county built by Jiangxi Province has the highest altitude, the most difficult conditions, the most difficult transportation and the shortest construction period. Facing the severe challenge of the "four most", the team led by Comrade Nie Shunjin carried forward the spirit of Jinggangshan, which was able to endure hardships, fight and dedicate. We overcame the adverse factors such as difficult conditions, difficult environment, difficult work and arduous tasks in the disaster areas, persisted in the reconstruction according to law and scientific reconstruction, and accomplished the construction assistance task excellently. The project of "three institutes and one center" won the highest honor award "Tianfu Cup" of construction engineering quality in Sichuan Province, and "Rhododendron Award" of Jiangxi Province. For this reason, Comrade Nie Shunjin was awarded the title of "advanced individual of Sichuan earthquake relief", and was honored as the second class merit of Jiangxi provincial Party committee and provincial government, and the company was also rated as "national advanced collective of earthquake relief".

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