Secretary General of Eritrean trade union visited the project site of our overseas company

Release time:2020-08-21Number of visitors:2953

In the afternoon of November 16, in order to understand the production and living conditions of local workers in Chinese funded enterprises, accompanied by counsellor Wang Lipei of the economic and Commercial Counselor's office of the Chinese Embassy in Eritrean, the Secretary General of the Eritrean trade union led a delegation of 80 local trade union representatives to visit and inspect the dormitory project of China medical team in Eritrean Group leader Li Jianjun and other personnel accompanied the whole process.


The investigation was conducted in the form of field observation and question and answer. During the inspection, group leader Li Jianjun first introduced the company's profile, project construction, current construction progress and other basic information to the visiting representatives, and accompanied them to visit each site of the construction site and the living accommodation facilities of workers one by one. After that, the Secretary General of the trade union inquired about the workers' welfare, labor security and construction safety measures, and the leaders of our company reported in detail one by one.


After the inspection, the representatives praised our company's construction technology and construction quality one after another, and fully affirmed the good practices of our company, such as professional ethics, safety production mechanism and workers' welfare protection. This inspection work is another time for our company to promote and add luster to "made in China", and once again show the strong strength and good reputation of "Changnan construction". (by Yu Xingxing, Ministry of Strategic Culture)