Be brave to be the vanguard

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——Flood control and disaster relief we are in action Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group flood rescue Commando

Recently, the water level in the lakeside area of Nanchang county has risen rapidly due to the influence of water from the Yangtze River, the support of Poyang Lake, and heavy rainfall. The flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Nanchang County launched the first level emergency response for flood control on November 11. Faced with the extremely severe situation of flood control, people in Changnan moved to the water and took an active part in the defense of their homeland. They once again made positive efforts for the safety of their hometown people's lives and property.


The flood is merciless, Changnan has love. After learning of the flood situation, Nie Shunjin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Jiangxi Changnan Group Co., Ltd., Nie Qiang, sun Shanping, Chen Yan, and other company leaders, on behalf of the group company, came to Bayi Township flood control headquarters, Nanchang County Urban Administration Bureau flood fighting and rescue commando, Nanchang County Investment Group flood control front-line dike, Jinhu Management Office flood front-line commander The Ministry of health and many other places have sent mineral water, instant noodles, eight treasure porridge and other consolation materials to the front-line staff and flood control team members.

As the chairman of Nanchang County People's Congress representative love Public Welfare Association, under the personal leadership of Huang Zhiliang, director of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Nie Shunjin and several main leaders of the association traveled for days, visiting nine flood control sub headquarters, including Tacheng, Tangnan, Jingkou, Jiangxiang, Nanxin, Xianghu, Fuhe flood diversion area, Gandong levee and Fuxi levee Rescue front-line personnel sent cool and caring, and sent a total of 324 boxes of fruits, drinks and convenient food, equivalent to 67000 yuan.

Disaster situation is order, flood control is responsibility. On July 15, under the unified organization of the group company and the initiative of the employees, more than 50 employees of the project department formed a flood prevention team to come to the xiongxi levee. With the scorching sun on top of their heads, they worked very hot. In just a few hours, they completed the filling of more than 1000 sandbags and built the "responsibility dike" for flood prevention and disaster relief.


Changnan is responsible for the country's difficulties. Over the years, as long as the country and people are in difficulties, we will see the responsibilities and actions of Changnan people. From the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, to the poverty relief in recent years, and to the epidemic prevention in 2020, Changnan people have always adhered to the great love spirit of "one side has difficulties and eight sides to support", bravely shoulder the social responsibility, strive to be the model of the times, and write a magnificent song of great love with practical actions.