Changnan Iron Army march forward bravely

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——Jiangxi Changnan construction group carries out outdoor military outward bound training activities

   "The highest quality, go all out, Changnan Iron Army, march forward bravely...". Bursts of loud and clear slogans resound through the sky, which is Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group in two days and two nights of military development training.

    At 4:30 p.m. on October 25, 114 employees of Jiangxi Changnan construction group gathered in front of the new office building and went to the golden Canyon Scenic Spot in Wanli District of Nanchang City by bus to carry out military outward bound training activities for two days and two nights.

   In late autumn, the golden Canyon is full of forest and rain. At 6:05 in the evening, the trainees of Changnan construction group came to the golden Canyon Scenic Spot as scheduled. In order to make everyone quickly enter the tense military training state, from the moment the staff got off the train, the instructor team adopted comprehensive military management measures, organized personnel to divide classes, standardize the dining order, distribute military training clothes, strictly line up actions, unify the internal order, and make everything in order.

    According to the predetermined plan, starting from the next morning, under the organization of the team leader's instructor, the first group was divided into groups. Each column selected its own team name, team training and team song. Then, it carried out the training of single soldier's formation movement, such as standing upright and straddling, stopping turning method, salute and salute, marching in unison and standing still, etc., and carried out the extremely fast 60 seconds, heavy-duty March and trust back In the evening, we also carried out a variety of cultural activities, such as singing competition, art performance, feeling sharing and so on. Finally, we held a parade, and selected and commended the excellent staff, commanders and teams during the military outward bound training activities.

  During the whole outward bound training period, the management was strict and standard, and the training was intense. However, all the staff were able to make every effort regardless of their age, gender, strength, and high morale. No one complained that they were tired. Chairman Nie and general manager Xiong of the group participated in the whole process and took the lead, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm, sense of unity and cooperation spirit of the whole staff, and promoted the understanding, trust, tacit understanding and cooperation among employees.

    In order to further sublimate the significance of this military outward bound training activity, on the morning of October 28, the company took advantage of the opportunity to sing the company song at work on Monday, and organized the staff of the whole company to hold the summary and exchange meeting of military outward bound training activities in the conference room on the ninth floor of the group building. Each functional department and each branch company selected an employee to speak on the stage and talk freely about the experience and harvest. The meeting first organized watching the video clips of military outward bound training activities, and then 21 participants took turns to speak on the stage. Xiong Xiaoming, general manager of the conference, said: Outward Bound training is not an end, it is just a means. The purpose is to hope that everyone can apply the harvest experience of activities to our daily work and life, and promote the implementation of our own work. Comrade Zhou Rongping, general manager of the business department, said: there is no best, only better. As long as we trust our teammates and dare to challenge, we will certainly be able to tap our own potential, surpass ourselves and achieve greater results. Deng Ting said: through this outward bound training activity, I deeply realize the value of execution and team cooperation to the organization. There is no successful individual, only a successful team. Finally, chairman Nie gave a summary speech, which expounded the significance of this outward bound training activity to our work and life from four aspects: team cooperation, honor first, efficient implementation and daring to take responsibility.

    It is reported that in order to do a good job in this activity, the Administration Department of the company attached great importance to and actively prepared for the event, and did a lot of meticulous work from the site investigation in the early stage, the docking of the instructor team, and the formulation of the scheme plan, which ensured the success and effectiveness of the military outward bound training, and won the unanimous praise of all the participants.