Welcome to the investigation group of Suichuan County

Release time:2020-05-29Number of visitors:1417

On the morning of May 29, a 12 member inspection group led by Wu Xiaoming, member of the Standing Committee of Suichuan County Committee of Ji'an City, came to Nanchang county to investigate the smart parking project. Yang Guohui, deputy director of Nanchang Bureau of housing and urban development, and Wei deputy general manager of Nanchang County Investment Co., Ltd. were accompanied by sun Shanping, general manager of Jiangxi Changnan Smart City Operation Technology Co., Ltd.


The inspection group and his party first came to the big data operation center of Changnan smart city to comprehensively understand the construction process, operation mode and contents of smart parking in Changnan smart city big data center. Later, the inspection group and his party visited the intelligent parking lot on Chenghu East Road. The staff carried out on-site operation demonstration, and general manager Sun gave a detailed explanation.


Finally, the two sides held friendly discussions and exchanges. First of all, the relevant leaders of Nanchang County warmly welcomed the arrival of the investigation group, and introduced in detail the positive role played by the smart parking project in effectively helping the construction of "smart South Changnan", standardizing urban traffic management and improving the happiness index of the people. Afterwards, Wu standing committee member of Suichuan County expressed heartfelt thanks to Nanchang county Party committee and county government for their warm reception, highly affirmed the Changnan intelligent parking project, and expressed gratitude for our donation. He said that the inspection and exchange had benefited a lot from this trip, and believed that our experience and practice have strong reference value. Both sides expressed that they would strengthen the exchange and study in the follow-up to jointly promote the development of smart city The industry has reached a new level.


It is reported that the smart parking operation big data platform, which costs 30 million yuan, is a smart parking platform "unattended, senseless access, and senseless payment", which has been integrated with the traffic police department's dynamic and static traffic management, aiming to integrate the platform information with the smart parking as the breakthrough point. Through the blockchain technology, the government, enterprises, institutions, technology companies and other partners will be closely connected to achieve data interconnection, resource sharing and business collaboration of all walks of life, solve the information and data problems faced by the real economy in the development, and create a new ecological development of smart city.