Notice on the holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020

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All employees of the group company:

According to the provisions of the State Council on statutory holidays and in combination with the actual situation of the company, the company leaders have studied and decided that the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2020 will be arranged as follows:

1、 Holiday time:

From June 25, 2020 (Thursday) to June 27, 2020 (Saturday), a total of three days, and normal work on June 28 (Sunday);

All subsidiaries and project departments of the group shall refer to the arrangement of the group company according to the specific situation. The relevant departments shall arrange the work on duty during the holidays.

2、 Precautions:

1. Each subsidiary company and project department shall properly arrange their own work plans. All project departments should seriously organize production, do a good job in security, fire prevention and anti-theft, sanitation and epidemic prevention. During holidays, the project department should pay attention to make arrangements for water and power cut off. Warehouses, gates and other places should do a good job in closing (sealing) holiday. In case of any major emergency, it should report to the relevant person in charge and make relevant records.

2. During the holiday, pay attention to personal safety and return to work on time. In case of failure to return on time under special circumstances, the employee shall ask for leave in time to the department head, branch manager or project department leader according to the regulations, and report to the administration and human resources department for record; the management personnel above the middle level shall ask for leave from the Deputy General Manager in charge and report to the human resources department for record. Those who fail to return to work on time and do not ask for leave shall be dealt with according to relevant regulations of the company.

3. All branch companies and project departments should reasonably arrange the food and drink of overtime employees during festivals.

4. During the holidays, the person in charge of each unit must keep the communication smooth and pay attention to personal safety.

I wish you all a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group Co., Ltd

June 23, 2020